For the Foodie in Your Family

They say experiences make the best gifts, and what better experience is there than breaking bread with a loved one? This year, why not present your lover or friend with Allons Manger! Genève. Upon first glance, this neat hardcover book could easily be mistaken for one of the impeccably designed city guidebooks like those produced by Phaidon and Cereal. Upon further inspection, however, it becomes clear this is no ordinary guidebook.



The unique concept behind Allons Manger! is quite simple, actually: the authors (two local graphic designers) present a curated collection of sixteen Geneva restaurants which have all agreed to give one free main dish to those who hold a copy of Allons Manger! Although the 70 CHF price tag can seem a bit steep for a book, when you consider the cost of eating out in Geneva you will quickly realize it’s a bargain. Assuming your loved one is the type to enjoy a good meal, this is the gift that keeps on giving! The authors consider eating out as greater than the sum of its parts; the restaurants were hand-selected for going beyond good cuisine and taking a more soulful, creative approach to food.

Although Allons Manger can be ordered online, it’s on sale in 15 shops and bookstores across Geneva, which might be easier for the last-minute scramble to find those last few Christmas gifts. Consider it a shortcut to exploring some of Geneva’s hidden gems!

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