I Never Hear the Word “Escape”…

Without a quicker blood. A sudden expectation – A flying attitude!
– Emily Dickinson

map geneva

We all know that Geneva is an awesome and unique city. It is worthy of people coining new terms to capture the essence of those so deeply passionate about that special….Je ne sais quoi (*see Genevateur). But part of what makes it so special is its central location.

I’m going on my 5th year in Geneva, and I’ve only recently found out that most people leave Geneva during the weekends. Yes, that’s what’s happening, by the way! No, the people of Geneva aren’t recluses, locking themselves away in their apartments over the weekend.  There are like 100 people left in Geneva on any given Saturday night.

I’ve heard stories about people who actually live in Paris, and work  full time in Geneva. Couple that with the fact that during most holidays, expats who live in Geneva all travel back home. Especially during Christmas!

Thanks to trains and easyJet, people are in and out of this city every Friday promptly at 6:30pm. That’s apparently why Thursdays are the busiest nights for bars and restaurants in Geneva. We’ll talk about this later.

This Christmas, I’ve given in. Don’t judge me before you read this next line: We found a great deal with SWISS to travel round-trip to Florence for 230CHF. That’s two adults, round-trip. There, now you can judge. 😛

So, if you haven’t made any plans yet and the eerie silence in Geneva is starting to get to you, it’s not too late to book a last-minute flight/train ride out. You’d still be a Genevateur in our hearts. Go on, we won’t tell.

Città di Firenze!


cannolofirenze (1280x853)

florence_ponte vecchio
Ponte Vecchio



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  1. david viry says:

    Hi, Some people stay in Geneva during week-ends. Genève (Suisse) : Randonnées pédestres gratuites au Salève. Tous les dimanches, les amoureux de randonnées pédestres se donnent rendez-vous à 10h au terminus du bus 8 à Veyrier-Douane, Route du Pas de l’Echelle 111, 1255 veyrier (et non à Veyrier-Tournettes, à 100 mètres de la douane à l’intérieur de la Suisse, départ à 10h03 précise). Un responsable de l’Association Genevoise des Amis du Salève (AGAS) vous y attend par tous les temps. Il n y a pas d’inscription préalable. Selon le circuit choisi, comptez 5 à 8 heures de marche [dont 3 heures de montée (800 mètres de dénivellation)]. Départ à pied du point RDV. De bonnes chaussures de marche (crampons en hiver, chapeau et crème solaire en été), imper ou parapluie, passeport, argent, pique-nique et boisson ainsi qu’une bonne condition physique sont indispensables.

    Site internet : http://www.rando-saleve.net . Contact : Tel: ++41’22’796’41’33.

    Geneva, Switzerland : Free hikes on the Saleve. Every Sunday, let’s go hiking (a gradient of 800 meters, 3 hours hike-up). Meeting at 10 am at the terminus of bus No 8 at Veyrier-Douane, Route du Pas de l’Echelle 111, 1255 veyrier (not at Veyrier-Tournettes, 100 metres from the border direction Switzerland, departure at 10h03 sharp). A responsible (excursion leader) of the Association Genevoise des Amis du Saleve (AGAS) welcomes you in all weather. No prior registration necessary. Depending on the route chosen, you will expect a 5 to 8 hours hike. Departure of the hike from the meeting point. Hiking boots (crampons in winter, hat and solar protection lotion in summer), raincoat or umbrella, passport, money, picnic and something to drink as well as good health are indispensable.

    Excursiones gratuitas al Salève : La “Asociación Ginebrina de Amigos del Salève” (AGAS), organiza excursiones gratuitas al Salève, todos los domingos, en grupo, sin inscripción previa; cita a las 10.00 h – terminal del bus 8 – Veyrier-Douane, Route du Pas de l’Echelle 111, 1255 veyrier (no Veyrier-Tournettes, salida 10.03 h en punto). Contar entre 5 y 8 horas de marcha (de las cuales 3 horas de subida – 800 m de desnivel). Se recomiendan buenas botas de marcha, impermeable o paraguas, pasaporte, euros, comida y bebida (pic-nic); es indispensable tener una buena condición física.

    Gratis Bergwanderungen auf dem Salève
    Jeden Sonntag treffen sich die Liebhaber des Wanderns um 10Uhr an der Endhaltestelle des Bus 8 in Veyrier-Douane, Route du Pas de l’Echelle 111, 1255 veyrier (und nicht Veyrier-Tournette, 100 Meter vom Zoll auf schweizer Gebiet, Aufbruch um Punkt 10h03). Ein Verantwortlicher des Genfer Vereins der Freunde des Salèves (Association Genevoise des Amis du Salève, AGAS) erwartet Sie dort bei jedem Wetter. Es gibt keine vorherige Anmeldung. Je nach gewählter Route, dauert die Wanderung 5 bis 8 Stunden, davon 3 Stunden bergauf im stetigen Rhythmus (800 Meter Höhenunterschied). Gute Wanderschuhe, im Winter Steigeisen, im Sommer Kopfbedeckung und Sonnencreme, ein oder zwei Stöcke, um das Gewicht besser zu verteilen und die Gelenke zu schonen (sie werden Ihnen dies später danken), Regenkleidung oder Schirm, Pass, Geld, Picknick und Getränke sowie eine gute körperliche Verfassung sind Voraussetzung. 


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