Festival Antigel, Winter’s Antidote

The grey skies continue to reign eternal here in Geneva, and though ski season is now upon us and the shortest day of the season behind us, there is still a long way to go until the gentle elongation of daylight leads us into springtime. But if you find  yourself in need of a winter pick-me-up, fear not: Festival Antigel is right around the corner.

The 2016 edition of Antigel was announced in early December, and it’s clear that per tradition there’s a little something for everyone.The festival takes place over 17 days (29 Jan – 14 Feb 2016) and across 21 municipalities in Geneva, and besides the exhibitions and performances that you would come to expect, there are also several events which combine fitness with fun, such as the Antigel Roller Disco on opening night and Electronic Nightswimming. An old industrial site in Vernier will be converted into Grand Central and play host to a nighttime design fair and an apéro featuring local products as well as Antigel’s clubbing nights.

Whatever it is you’re into, rest assured they’ve got it covered, from Soul Train night to electroswing. As Antigel will be turning its focus to South Africa for 2016 with a series of events under the name South Africa, What’s Up?it’s only right that they dedicate a clubbing night to South Africa’s vibrant music scene. South Africa has long embraced house music, spinning their own soulful version of it, and we in Geneva will be lucky enough to experience it firsthand on Saturday 6 February with Black Coffee, one of South Africa’s renowned house DJs, who will be accompanied by Nojinza’s “Shangaan electro” sound, Culoe de Song’s African house, and the Capetonian producer Card on Spokes’s electro hip-hop.

So, if winter’s got you down, know that right in the thick of it, Festival Antigel has a plan to get your frozen bum off the couch and transport you to South Africa (where it’s summer by the way), where the irresistible beats will surely get you up and moving!


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