Work Out the Kinks

Let’s face it, there’s a reason gyms are packed full around this time of year. We all went a little overboard during the holidays, and come January we began to feel a little guilty about the extra bundles of warmth our bodies started collecting as fuel for the cold days ahead. New Year’s resolutions might be a bunch of baloney (we should be aiming for continuous life improvement, amiright!?), but that’s no excuse to let yourself go! The point is to avoid the instinct to simply crawl in bed with a movie (unless we’re talking “Netflix-and-chill”, in which case HE-YO! 😉 That counts too!) and get our bodies moving. No matter what kind of Genevateur you are, there’s some kind of winter workout out there for you:

For your inner diva

We’ve all got a bit of diva inside of us, and just because winter’s here doesn’t mean she needs to hibernate. Let her loose at Urban Shape Studio, a pole dance studio that opened up this last year in Grottes. The moves you’ll learn are sure to get a little fire burning to keep you warm! If you’re a complete beginner, try their Discovery Card, 3 découverte classes for 60 CHF, which will introduce you to the basics. Otherwise, classes are 30 CHF a pop, unless you opt for one of their many subscription options. But if Switzerland has got you all ‘subscriptioned-out’, Urban Shape thankfully also offers a 10-class card that comes with a small discount and is valid for up to 1 year after purchase.

For rapid integration

Look, not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have a view of the snow-capped Alps towering over Lac Leman every morning on their way to work. Whether you like it or not, water cooler talk from now ’til April will consist entirely of the current and anticipated snow conditions, a conversation you perhaps never imagined yourself having ever in your life. So why not jump right in and give it a go?! Do as the locals do and embrace the classic ski alpin.  If you’re careless or just new to the area, try joining organized outings with the CERN Ski Club or the International Ski Club of Geneva.

For the social butterflies

If you think staying fit means having to forego socializing, think again. Festival Antigel is hosting a roller disco on its opening night (tomorrow!), though if you’re better on a blade than on four wheels look to their Valentine’s Day disco sur glaceIf you prefer to take the party to the pool, try their Electronic Nightswimming or Psychedelic Nightswimming, depending, of course, on your musical preferences. Goes to show that you can combine fitness and fun!

For the homebodies

If the thought of stepping outside for anything other than work or groceries sounds about as appealing as stepping into a warm pile of creamy dog poo, fear not — you can get your workout on in the comfort of your own home, too. My favorite YouTube yogi is Adriene of Yoga with Adriene fame; her cheerful spirit will soothe your winter blues and get you on the path towards a happier, fitter you in no time. Follow her Yoga Camp for a 30-day home practice that will get you back on a healthy track, and with daily positive affirmations to boot!

Nothing too corny or new age-y, promise!


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