Culinary Treasure in Geneva’s Greenwich Village

rosamorena outside
© Rosa Morena

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Carouge, you will find a hidden slice of South America. The restaurant Rosa Morena draws its inspiration directly from the heart of Peru. If you haven’t had Peruvian food before, there is more to it than fire-roasted cuy (guinea pig) and ceviche! This is your chance to delve into the hearty and complex flavors that make Peruvian dishes so alluring and satisfying.

Peruvian cuisine reflects the world on one plate. Immigrants from Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japan and West Africa have blended their unique tastes and flavors, resulting in a fusion that can truly delight anyone’s palate.

No trip to Rosa Morena is complete without at least one Maracuja sour (their signature cocktail, or at least my favorite!). This drink is refreshing, playful, and packs a real punch – beware if you plan to visit on a school night. As a starter, ceviche made from raw chunks of cod filet marinated in “tiger’s milk” (lime juice, sliced onion, chilies, salt, and pepper) is equally yummy. As a main, I would highly recommend the aji de gallina (chicken in spicy sauce). The bright yellow hue of the sauce is thanks to the aji peppers. This pepper isn’t so much spicy as it is full-bodied and subtle. All I can say is the sauce is simply amazing! Finally, you can cap your night off with a rich and gratifying slice of the BEST lemon dessert I’ve ever tasted: limón pie. This is a lemon meringue pie that has grown up, seen the wonders of life, fallen in love and learned to tango!

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The owner, Sebastian, is a local and very warm and welcoming. His wife Pilar hails from Peru and is the grand chef who always seems to find time to greet her patrons.

Rosa Morena should be the next restaurant on your list of places to dine. But please don’t forget to try the Maracuja sour and the limón pie. You can say The Genevateur sent you!


*The dish in the featured image is causa (Peruvian mashed potato salad).

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