The Cocktail Club for Bon Vivants

So it was Saturday night and we were just winding down from a particularly yummy dinner at La Crise (we’ll talk about this later), when we decided that we weren’t exactly ready to end the night on that high note. *insert grinning devil emoji here*

“Oh, I know a place! Let’s go to Bottle Brothers, it’s not far,” said a few friends.

Trusting them blindly, we all headed down a relatively quiet street in Eaux-Vives laughing and chit-chatting about random topics. When suddenly, we saw it. A vision!

People crowded around the street like back in Paris — maybe even in the busy, artsy-fartsy Marais. Mais non!


Mais oui!

We walked in and fortunately (sorry Bottle Brothers) it was too crowded so we walked right back out, took 3 steps across the street and entered the buzzing L’Atelier Cocktail Club.  I was between steps 2 of 3 when I realized we  didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of finding a table for the 8 of us, but it was too late to back down — it was our destiny.

Right when we walked in we noticed a table with a big fat “RESERVED” card smack-dab in the middle. Ugh. Damn it.

I accepted our fate and was already looking around the room enjoying the hum of the crowd when a friend said she’d speak to the barman just in case some “arrangement” could be made — she disappeared into the crowd and moments later she returned triumphant!

Snowball: 1   Hell: Zero

To our shock and awe, the waiter just plucked the card off the table and invited us to sit down. Oh, and the table had 8 chairs.

Now, now, don’t worry — if you reserve a table, it’s yours, but these particular people who had reserved were 1 1/2 hours late and hadn’t called to cancel, either.

You see what I mean by “destiny”?

The atmosphere was wonderful. It was like we were in a cave and everyone in the cave had a fancy cocktail in hand.

The drinks menu

IMG_6627Dark, dim and gloriously chic — we proceeded to review La Gazette to make our  first orders of the night. If you can’t find something you’d like on the menu, which is hard to believe, you can ask for anything and they’ll make it right there for you!

If you’re in Geneva and are wise enough to take my advice and make your way to this bar: We, the People, recommend you get the Porn Star Martini. And boy, is that  little elixir potent.

Porn Star Martini

Second runner-up? Cristobal Ginger! Perfumed with fresh ginger and soothingly sweet, but still clean-tasting. I will warn you now, it’s a deceptive one. If you have more than 2 of these, you WILL be swinging from the chandeliers at the end of the night. Don’t do it. OK, do it. 😉

Coconuts Cloud was uniquely fantastic as well. It was creamy, velvety and very smooth without being overly sweet.

To be perfectly honest, every cocktail we ordered was magically delicious — and there wasn’t a Lucky Charm in sight.

What can I say? It was a fun night well spent with great company and of course — cocktails galore.

If you haven’t been to L’Atelier Cocktail Club, don’t ask any more questions. Just casually gather up your belongings, make your way to the nearest exit, and GO.

P.S. They can serve any cocktail on the menu ‘sans alcool’ if you’re not a big drinker. I heard they make food here too. Go figure!

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  1. Pratima says:

    I always get porn star too!


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