The Secret Market

Are you Coop-ed and Migros-ed out? Does the word “supermarket” leave you lusting for fresh eats? Then boy do I have a delicious little surprise for you. Nestled in between a few random shops (because, who cares) you’ll find Geneva’s indoor food market: La Halle de Rive. A long hall with food-stalls galore!

You’ll have to resist the urge to try something from every vendor. Just pick something (anything), and I’m sure it’ll be out of this world. I tried everything I could, and ended up buying my dinner that night from Cavalieri & Fils. Dinner was a delectable order of pumpkin stuffed ravioli for two! It was just melt in your mouth, gorgeous.

Here are a few suggestive photos to get you ready for YOUR next cheeky carb-load:

Lemon ricotta, mushroom, minced-meat ravioli (made fresh)
Chocolate stalls for days
Cavalieri & Fils (Italian food stall)
Ravioli and cheeses
Cannelés, financiers, brownies, chapeau de Napoléon, sablés (cookies)
I want my baby-back, baby-back!
Tomato stuffed with minced meat, spices, onion and parsley


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