Indulge Your Inner Food Critic: The Geneva Restaurant Alphabet Challenge

Are you a gourmand? Do you love trying out new and exciting restaurants? Have you ever fantasized about being a food critic? Well, have I got something to share with you! Brace yourselves people: The Geneva Restaurant Alphabet Challenge 2017 has commenced and places are filling up faster than expected.

This group is EXCELLENT for the restaurant lover who is either stuck in a rut when it comes to finding new restaurants in Geneva, or someone who has simply been feeling uninspired. As Cliff Hannan, the English gent that organized the group puts it: “There are so many wonderful places to eat in Geneva that it can be difficult to know where to go. So the idea is to try different global cuisines, from cheap eats to gourmet treats.” Uh—what he said!

26 Restaurants One for Each Letter in the Alphabet

‘A for Les Armures’
52 weeks in a year – that makes two restaurants a month—clever, clever. Not to mention productive—take that social calendar! To keep things intimate but fun, tables are reserved for a maximum of 8 people. After dinner, all diners  rate the restaurant on criteria such as ‘Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value for Money’, and then at the end of the year, Mr.Hannan will announce the winner of the first ‘Geneva Restaurant Alphabet Challenge’.

Believe me; I’ve been to ‘A for Les Armures’ and you don’t want to miss out. ‘B for Baroush’ is already filled up – but if you hurry you can make it to ‘C for Chandigarh Tandoori’. For those of you that are feeling the FoMo dread creeping in already, calm down, you can join the group on glocals and that way you’ll be immediately notified via email when a new restaurant is posted.

Join the group: The Geneva Restaurant Alphabet Challenge

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